Welcome to Bedford Downtown in Bedford, OH

Tree Lighting Ceremony

If there is one event that brings people to Bedford, it is the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Every year people pack the square, often bringing their extended family, to wait for the traditional flip of the switch that transforms the square into a magical world of lights.  Several generations drink hot chocolate and reminisce about past lightings and whether there was rain, snow or even warm breezes.  Families queue up at the gazebo as soon as Santa Claus sweeps in on the back of a fire truck or even on a train – you never know!  Although the lights will remain throughout the holiday season for visitors to enjoy, there is a specialness to those first moments when the square goes from a wintry darkness to a festive glow of lights.  Join in the magic this year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 6:00pm sharp!

The Commons

Several events take place on our historical Square or “Commons”  which is located across the street from the historical 1832 Hezekiah Dunham House at 272 Broadway (State Route 14).  Also surrounding the Square are the 1874 Townhall, 1882 Wheeling and Lake Erie Train Depot and the 1892 Old Baptist Church.  Free parking is available and plentiful!

Swing by the Commons for our amazing events.

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