What is Bedford Downtown Alliance?

Bedford Downtown needs help. We are not going to try to hide the fact that Bedford Downtown is not like it use to be. In fact, it could be said that our Downtown is dying and if something is not done soon, it will be lost forever.

The Bedford Downtown Alliance was formed so we would not lose our Downtown to economic disaster. We are a group of dedicated Bedford business owners and residents who want to revitalize and restore our amazing Downtown. Over the next year, you will see us at events and around the Downtown area working on projects and asking for your help, either through volunteering or financial support.

Our Team


Heather Rhoades- President

Maria Foreman- Vice President

Laura Hulett- Treasurer

Dot Schwende- Secretary

Cathy Chaich- Promotion Liaison

Marilyn Berry- Economic Vitality Liaison

Deborah Grubb- Design Liaison



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