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Bedford Downtown Chocolate Walk

The Sweetest Event in Bedford!

When we think February, we think Valentine’s Day. And when we think Valentine’s Day, we think CHOCOLATE. This year, Bedford Downtown is thinking chocolate – a whole downtown of chocolate!

On Saturday February 15, join us for the 2nd annual Bedford Downtown Chocolate Walk! We will start at Sirna’s Café where you will check in to receive your map and make your way through Historic Bedford Downtown to visit local business “sweet spots” and collect candy rewards. The final stop will be at DePompei’s

Event Details:

When: Saturday, February 15th 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Cost: Tickets are $20.00 each

Join the Bedford Downtown community for this sweet event! The walk will take you through Bedford’s Downtown where you can shop at our stores and collect a sweet treat.

Tickets can be bought online here or in person at Sirna’s Cafe (795 Broadway Ave, Bedford, OH 44146) or The Broadway Cyclery (665 Broadway Ave, Bedford, OH 44146).

Your ticket includes:

  • A map of Sweet Stops
  • A bag to collect your treats

Extra Fun:

  • Wine Pull – purchase a “Pull”  ticket for $20 and take home a mystery bottle of wine or spirits The grand prize is this bottle of Angel’s Envy Oloroso Sherry Cask Bourbon. It retails for $200 BUT it is considered a rare bourbon because only 3600 bottles were made and it was ONLY sold in the State of Kentucky through a lottery system or from the distillery itself. Some online retailers now have it listed for as much as $450, and the price will only go up from here.
  • Gift Card Punch Game – purchase a “Punch” ticket for $10.00 and punch to win a mystery gift card!
  • 50/50 Raffle – take a chance to win $$ !
  • Play the Golden Ticket Game

Day of Event:

Check in is from  2:00PM – 4PM at Sirna’s Cafe located at 795 Broadway Ave.

Sweet Stops will also have signs in their windows too!


Our candy crowd will reconvene at DePompei’s where those who completed the choco-challenge will be able to play the gift card punch game and wine pull.

Only 200 tickets will be available for this event so make sure to secure your spot for an afternoon of sweet February goodness!

*This is an all weather event and tickets are non-refundable due to inclement weather.

What is a Chocolate Walk?

Chocolate lovers are really lucky. There is a thing called a Chocolate Walk that is literally geared to take advantage of that most human of desires. What is a Chocolate Walk? In various communities it has been marketed as a Valentine’s activity, a fine cuisine journey, and just a chance to sample one of humanities most natural drugs. Chocolate has a profound ability to release some important chemicals which make us happy in a variety of ways and has a historic and scientific link to romantic love.

Chocolate has been called a “love drug” and seems to enhance our feelings of well-being and open our reception to romantic contact. Chocolate is associated with love and romance by our modern media and marketing campaigns, but there is also a scientific link to this yen. The Australian Academy of Science has broken this down into the beneficial compounds found in chocolate and what they do to enhance our happiness levels. There is anandamide, which helps reduce anxiety; phenylethylamine that pumps up our brain’s pleasure center; and sugar, which in its various forms stimulates the production of dopamine, creating a pleasurable feeling.

With all the lovey dovey sensation that comes with chocolate, why would we need another reason to celebrate this delectable sweet? Chocolate Walks are a community activity that can be enjoyed by any age group. It also gives local artisans a chance to exhibit their wares. For the “walker,” it is a time to engage with others in a meaningful way while indulging in one of life’s sweetest and most addictive treats. Often, the event is combined as a charity endeavor but sometimes it is just simply a community party, where participants can support local businesses and enjoy quality time with loved ones. Fun craft booths, open air music, and other family activities also feature prominently in a Chocolate Walk.

Chocolate treats come in a variety of forms. Some are artistic, others are a palate challenge such as Mexican chocolate or salted chocolate. Chocolate can evolve into many states and is useful as a sugary treat but also is a wonderful companion in salty, savory, and spicy foods. What is more satisfying on a crisp, cold day than a cupful of hot, delicious chocolate? Chocolate has worldwide culinary influence and it is shared in many ways in eateries and specialty craft stores. A Chocolate Walk is a chance to explore all that chocolate can be. It is also an opportunity to pamper yourself and the ones you love the most. So, if a Chocolate Walk occasion comes upon you, treat yourself and the whole family with some quality time spent in your community and this most special mood-enhancing treat.

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