We are going to  be blunt. There are only two things that you can give that will help save our Downtown – time and money. The good news is that we are fairly certain that you can give a little of both and have fun doing it! Let us explain how.


Here are some ways you can use your time to help the Bedford Downtown Alliance revitalization effort. If you have time to watch a movie this summer, than you have time to do one of these things!

  • Volunteer with BDA – Volunteering in your community can be a wonderful way to meet your neighbors and feel more connected to your community.  Give a BDA member your contact information and we will keep you up to date on all the latest volunteer opportunities.
  • Explore Bedford Downtown – When was the last time you spent any real time just exploring Bedford Downtown? Did you know we have a tank? Did you know we have a statue of a Baseball Hall of Famer? Did you know that there is A LOT about Bedford Downtown you don’t know? Add to your  summer bucket list that you will to spend one regular afternoon just exploring Bedford Downtown.
  • Tell your friends good things about Bedford Downtown – When was the last time you bragged a bit about Bedford? It is time you started and you should start with our Downtown. Did you know that Bedford Downtown was named one of the top 10 prettiest historic downtowns in the United States by Architectural Digest? Bedford Downtown has lots going for it so take some to tell others. You are Bedford’s greatest ambassador!
  • Attend a class or event – Want to learn salsa dance or ballet? Get a personal trainer? Eat some ribs or strawberries? Or learn about a different culture? All of these are options for your time in Bedford Downtown.


We get it; money is tight these days. But we are willing to bet that there are some places you can use your money to help support Bedford Downtown.

  • Donate to BDA –  Did you spend $1 (or more) on a coffee today? Can you spare another $1 (or more) to help make where you live better? Where would you rather have your money go – to a giant corporation who does not care about you or to a place you see everyday and whose improvement could improve your direct world?
  • Shop in Bedford Downtown businesses – Speaking of coffee, are you buying your coffee in Bedford Downtown? You know there are 2 coffee shops, right? We have an award winning dress shop, a famous record store, a fun bike shop, an artisan soap shop – all of these shopping adventures and more await you in Bedford Downtown. Spend a day window shopping and you might just find something special you want to buy.
  • Buy BDA merchandise – $20 gets you one of our pretty snazzy shirts. The proceeds from shirt sales will help us work on improving Bedford Downtown. You can also show your community pride by owning a shirt that shows off a Bedford icon.


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